Monster Bash Festival – C-Halle & C-Club 04/24/2011

Easter, the second coming of Christ, a time to rejoin with your loved ones, come to ease and look for Easter eggs. Well either that, or the time to go to Punk Rock Festival. We decided to do the latter and that’s why we bought a “five friends ticket” with three others we found via for the Monster Bash, a new one-day festival in the heart of Berlin. I’m most curious to see if this was more than a one-timer as most festivals in this vein could not prevail.

We met around 2:30 pm, so we’d have a time buffer in case someone was late (which isn’t too devious when meeting with four other people coming from three different places), but since everyone was on time, we managed to enter the venue with only slight problems at the entrance around 2:45 pm, so still with 45 minutes to spare before the first band we wanted to see would start their set. Read the rest of this entry »


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Dear Landlord w/ The Blacklist Royals – Lovelite 04/08/2011

Berlin on a Friday night. For the comparatively high but still reasonable price of ten Euros, we were granted access to the Lovelite, located in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Though the admission price was about three Euros higher than expected, it was still a fair deal for two US-Bands. After hanging around at the well-attended venue for approximately 45 minutes and listening to background music, that indeed lacked of variety but was still very good as it was the entire album of “The Riot Before”, the first band headed for the stage. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Chariot w/ MyChildren MyBride, Doyle & Seamy Side – Magnet 03/28/2011

It was a rather last-minute decision to attend this show because 18 Euro for one band, who would most likely only play a set of 30 to 40 minutes, possibly not even as the headliner, is a lot of money. And the fact that the support was only a bunch of question marks to me didn’t help much. But since I had this day and the next day off, still had a voucher for the box office and really wanted to see The Chariot after their release of their latest record “Long Live”, I ended up at the Magnet that Monday night at around 8:30 pm. Read the rest of this entry »

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Like a fish out of water

So that’s how my car gets through the day…

Cars playing Marco Polo

Cars playing Marco Polo

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Review for de Blob 2 (Nintendo DS & DSi) – Somewhere, over the rainbow…

de Blob 2

Platform:           Multi (tested on DS)

Genre:               Jump & Run

Street:               02/25/2011

Publisher:           THQ

After the remarkable success of “de Blob”, which was released in 2008 and still counts as one of the best third-party games for the Nintendo Wii, it was only a matter of time for the franchise to see a sequel. Though the main reason for its success probably lies in the symbiosis of platform and game, as the controls, the looks and the setting and story of “de Blob” fits the Nintendo Wii like a glove, THQ took the successor to HD consoles and Handhelds as well. If the porting to the Nintendo DS and DSi is more than the attempt to milk this cash cow a little more, is the question I’d like to elaborate. Read the rest of this entry »

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Darkest Hour w/ Protest The Hero, Born of Osiris and Purified in Blood – Magnet 02/01/2011

So here it was, the first show of two oh double-one and by taking a look at the names printed on the ticket, you knew that this was some heavy stuff for a Tuesday night. Maybe the organizers knew that too, since the show’s start was scheduled for 7 pm. And at the Magnet you better be on time if you don’t want to miss even a single song.
I arrived at the venue around 8 pm because I didn’t feel the urge to watch half of the bands, especially not alone. I hoped that my assumptions were correct and the running order was opposite to the order the bands were shown on the ticket and website and luckily I was correct. After a quick scan of the available merch, I entered the showroom to see the show in full swing. As it turned out, Purified in Blood had already finished their set and so it was now up to Born of Osiris to entertain the crowd of roughly 450 headbangers and circle-pit kids. Their electronically enhanced MetalCore didn’t really appeal to me and obviously the majority of attendees felt the same way. I can’t say if they played a good show as I only watched two and a half songs (not men) but I got the feeling I didn’t miss much. Read the rest of this entry »

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Album of the month – January 2011

Dave Hause – Resolutions

Genre:         Singer / Songwriter, Rock

Street:         01/25/2011

Label:          Paper & Plastick



Over the past decade, the Punk Rock scene has experienced some major developments. The way from the dubious reputation of three accords to a multilayered genre must not have been an easy one, but still some bands decided to take it, which turned out to be a good decision. Today, Punk Rock isn’t as easy to categorize as it used to be, it has become a complex genre and implemented countless varieties such as Hardcore, Folk, Ska, Electronica, you name it. Even some trademarks like the limited alternation of sounds or an overt aggression seem to have vanished in this evolution, as numerous Punk Rock vocalists these days exchange their electric guitars for an acoustic one, decide to sing in lieu of scream and stop pillorying in favor of telling heartwarming stories. Read the rest of this entry »

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